Teaching Experience

Graduate Student Instructor - Economic Analysis for Business Decisions [MBA201A] (MBA level course)
Haas Business School, University of California Berkeley
Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

Primary Instructor - Principles of Economics [ECON1] (Undergraduate level course)
Department of Economics, University of California Berkeley
Summer 2022

Teaching Awards

2023 Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching - Graduate Student Instructor
Haas Business School, University of California Berkeley

Teaching Evaluations

Most Recent Evaluations

Comments From Most Recent MBA Teaching Evaluations

  • “Zia was not only incredibly personable and an entertaining person to teach our sections but he is highly knowledgeable of economics as a whole and was easily able to answer all of our questions for him. He was succinct thorough and clear in all of his instructions and responses and I don’t know if I’ve ever had a GSI before that could do this so well. He didn’t skip a beat and our whole cohort was a huge fan of Zia.”
  • “Zia was excellent. His sections were extremely helpful in explaining the math behind the material we covered in class.”
  • “Very clear in his teaching and obliging with his help”
  • “Zia is awesome and does a great job helping students apply the concepts learned in class to real-world problems and examples.”
  • “Zia was so well-prepared for each discussion section and took the time to explain his thinking and work in a way that was accessible to all. His sessions were the ones I prioritized over other commitments which is about the highest praise for a TA that I can think of coming from an MBA student.”
  • “Zia is extremely effective at communicating and walking students through the genuine requirement of the course: the ability to solve complex problems based off basic concepts introduced in the in-person classes. I would not have been able to process any of the exam-related material without Zia.”
  • “Zia was the best we were so lucky to have him as our GSI”
  • “Zia is so good! His sense of humor and ability to slow down and break down concepts repeat concepts and really work to drive home understanding.”
  • “The best TA/GSI I’ve been instructed by. Super clear and helpful.”
  • “He is very helpful and clear in explaining!”
  • “Zia’s funny knowledgeable patient and nice. He makes econ fun!”
  • “Zia was incredibly helpful in learning the materials. He was great at answering questions and addressing problem areas that the class needed time to learn. Very effective use of section time!”